Sage, Salvia OfficinalisSalvia Officinalis

French: Sauge officinale
German: Garten Salbei, Salbei, Salvia, Salvie
Italian.: Salvia Domestica
Blooming period: may - june

Sage is a bushy plant with silvery white leaves and purple flowers. Meaning of the name derives from the Latin word ''salver'' or to save. Healing properties of this plant are known from ancient times. The old Roman proverb says: "If you are threaten by death, get the sage from the garden."

Medicinal purpose:

Oral cavity and throat, diseases of gums, fungi, halitosis, illnesses of the urinary bladder.
Leaves can be used preventively in influenza epidemic. Sage is a natural medicine for controlling menstruation, menstrualnih spasms and white washing.
Successfully regulates perspiration and is used for cleansing the blood and detoxification of the whole organism.

Island Losinj flora

Sage tea

Tea for the regulation of perspiration

1 tablespoon sage
2 dl boiling water

Pour boilde water over sage and cover for an hour. Drink a cup before going to sleep or take 2-3 cups a day.

Did you know?

That the Sage in the Middle Ages enjoyed such a reputation that they have released a book about medicinal use of Sage with 400 pages.