Rosmary, Rosmarinus officinalisRosmarinus officinalis

German: Rosmarin
Franch: Romarin officinal
Italian: rosmarino, ramerino
Blooming period: whole year

Rosemary is shrub-like evergreen plant covered with tiny violet flowers, that grows on sunny and rocky areas. Rosmary is sensitive to frost, so it should be protected from the cold.

Medicinal purpose:

Rosmary treats fungal diseases of internal organs, skin diseases, flu and fever, liver disease. It improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Island Losinj flora

Rosemary powder

Grind dried rosemary leaves and flowers and store the powder in hermetically sealed vessel.

Upotreba: uzimati 1-2 puta dnevno na vrh noža s jelom ili sokom

Did you know?

That the rosemary was a symbol of Afrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

That people in Italy believed that rosemary can return man from the dead.

That in England, rosemary has always represented the symbol of fidelity, and that is a reason why in the wedding people put it in a buttonhole.