Traveling by car

Car is definitely most practical mean of transportation, if traveling to Losinj. It provides you with the opportunity to visit hidden beaches and beautiful nature, explore the hidden cornes of Cres, and fully experience the magic of Aspyrtides. However, note that Losinj has major parking problems given the small number of parking lots, and during the season, this luxury will cost you aprox 25 kn/day.

East europe map - Veli Losinj

Zagreb - Rijeka - island of Krk (bridge) - ferry Valbiska (island of Krk)- Merag (island of Cres)

Pasjak border crossing - Opatija - is a Brestova (mainland near Opatija) - Porozina (island of Cres)

From Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Rupa border crossing - Rijeka - island of Krk (bridge) - ferry Valbiska (island of Krk) - Merag (island of Cres)

Traveling by bus

Besides the well-developed national network of bus lines, Croatia is with regular international bus lines well connected with the neighboring countries and most Central and Western states. If you are coming from Central Europe, this mode of transport will definitely be the cheapest.

Bridges elevation

Every day at 9 am and 5 pm

PRIVLAKA (Mali Losinj)
Every day at 9 am and 6 pm

It is important to know


To enter and stay in Croatia for up to 90 days, you must have a valid passport, valid driver's license, a document of registration of vehicles and insurance green card. During summer season there can be dense traffic at border crossings, which can cause short delays.


Tolls are charged on motorways, semi-highways and bridges. Toll price for the first category of vehicles from Zagreb to Rijeka is 45 kuna, the bridge toll on island Krkis 30 kn.
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Veli Losinj - Zagreb 258 km
Veli Losinj - Ljubljana 250 km
Veli Losinj - Trieste 203 km
Veli Losinj - Wien 610 km
Veli Losinj - München 653 km