Marjoran, Origanum vulgareOriganum vulgare

German: Oregano, Wilder Majoran
Franch: marjolaine sauvage, origan
Italian: origano  comune
Blooming period: june - september

This shrub-like herb covered with purple, purple violet or white flowers with intense and the harsh smell has been applied throughout the history as a medicinal herb in folk medicine or as a spice in many dishes.

Medicinal purpose:

Skin diseases, diseases of stomach and intestine, liver and gallbladder diseases and respiratory diseases.

Island Losinj flora

Marjoran oil

Oregano oil for problematic skin:

200 g flowers and leaves
1l olive oil

Pour 1 l of olive oil over chopped oregano and keep in the warm place for 40 days and occasionally stir bottle. After 40 days strain and close well. Massage suffering places or respiratory organs with this oil mixture.