Myrtle, Myrtus communis Myrtus communis

Germani: Brautmyrte
Italian: mirto, mortella
Blooming period: april - august

Myrtle is a bushy plant that originates from the east, and was transferred to the Mediterranean in prehistoric era. It blooms from April to August with white and gentle smelling flowers with 5 petals. Myrtle was highly respected plant in the ancient times. In wilderness it can be found growing in sunny coastal areas, because it is sensitive to cold.

Medicinal purposes:

Digestion problems, intestinal diseases, diseases of the bladder, treatment of gums, mouth and mucous membrane disease. Myrtle leaf is used to stop bleeding and for the destruction of bacteria

Island Losinj flora

Myrtle liqueur


35 dg myrtle fruits
1 l brandy
35 dag sugar

Place Myrtle fruits in brandy and occasionaly stir.
Strain it after 45 days and pour liqueur
in glass bottles and close firmly..