Losinj sea educational centre

Lošinjski edukacijski centar o moru

The “Losinj sea educational centre” has been opened to the public in 2003 with the aim of promoting the preservation of resident population of Adriatic dolphins and raising public consciousness about the importance of environmental preservation and sustained development.

Photos, 3-D and multimedia models as well as a series of interactive lectures are permanent exhibits here, as well as various lectures and activities for visitors educating them about the sea eco-system, life of sea animals and a colony of dolphins – how do they navigate, dive, communicate and who and what is endangering them.

Kindergartens, schools and other interested parties that are visiting the Blue world are able to attend various educational programs including lectures, games, experiments, boat trips etc. and can last from a couple of hours to several-day trips including content fit for people of all ages and interests.



Blue world

Kastel 24, Veli Losinj

Tel +385 (0)51 604 666

web: www.blue-world.org

Working hours:

June and September
9 am - 1 pm, 6pm - 8 pm

July and August
9 am - 1 pm, 6pm - 10 pm

October till May
9 am - 2 pm