Bay laurel

Bay laurel, Laurus nobilusLaurus nobilus

Englishi: Bay, Bay laurel
French:. Laurier noble, Laurier commun
German: Lorbeer, Echter Lorbeerstrauch
Italian: Alloro lauro
Blooming period: march - april

Laurel is the evergreen tree, which originates from Western Asia, from where it was spread to the countries of the Mediterranean. In the ancient times laurel was respected as a holy tree - branches were given to winners and poets as a sign of the greatest honor and glory.

Medicinal purposes:

Stomach diseases, diseases of the blood,increased fat, prostate disease, infection, insomnia, irritation, nausea, diarrhea, cramps, headache and migraine.

Losinj flora

Laurel cream

Cream against haemorrhoids:

100gr fresh laurel berries
200gr lard

Crush laurel berries, mix them with melted lard and cook for a shorter period of time. Keep rafrigerated.
Coat wounded places 1-2 times a day.


If you use laurel in cooking or for the preparation of tea, be careful not to excess with the amount, as in larger quantities laurel has narcotic effect.