Footpaths of island Losinj

Lošinjske šetniceExplore promenades of island Losinj

Walk through meandering city streets of Veli Losinj, wood paths and macadam trails filled with colorful aromatic plants will undoubtedly satisfy requirements of the most demanding active rest enthusiasts. Grid of numerous marked tourist tracks with a total length of 180 km extends throughout the Island.

Most of the tracks are not demanding and are suitable for easy walks by the see or throughout Losinj pine woods.


Coastal promenades trace meandering coastline of the Island Losinj and pass through centurial pine woods, Therefore lungomare trails are suited for the widest circle of walkers.


Trails in the southern part of the island are suitable for a walk through a labyrinth of stone walls, olive groves and a thick pine forest. Depending on the selection of the preferred route, hikers reach unforgettable gazebos above the sea and secluded beaches.


They are suitable for active climbers, passing through the interior of the island, taking you to the many gazebos that offer a magnificent view of the Losinj archipelago.


snake If you encounter a snake the first basic rule is no panic - in Losinj there are no poisonous snakes!
According to the legend, the blessing of Bishop St. Gaudent forever chased away all poisonous snakes from Cres and Losinj.


For walks through the nature it is best to be dressed in closed shoes and long pants, always look at the place you want to grab and watch where you step.


When meeting with the risk, snakes are behaving slow and take up menacing attitude whose sole purpose is caution . Snakes can not jump, and can not crawl faster than you can run. Range of snake jump is up to 40 cm.

  • don't approach the snake
  • maintain distance of at least 50 cm
  • hold your eyes on the snake
  • bypass snake, if possible
  • if not, wait untill it leaves

Do not be afraid to go out into nature: the majority of the hikes end without meeting with a snake!

Remember, only 30 minutes of walking a day strengthens the heart, makes blood vessels elastic and maintains stabile blood pressure.

Green tourismResponsible tourism

Untouched nature of the island of Losinj, provides rich and diverse flora and fauna.
We support the development of eco-tourism as well as socially and environmentally responsible travel!


  • Respect cultural differences - to make your trip more meaningfull, learn more about the local community - their traditions, historical and cultural heritage
  • Learn to appreciate the wildlife, landscape and natural heritage
  • Do not leave a trace, except for foot prints! Do not throw garbage into the sea, do not leave it in the woods and do not paint graffiti or take souvenirs from historic sites
  • Recycle– separate glass, plastics, paper and aluminum
  • Preserve energy - Remember to turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use. Make sure the door are properly closed when heating or air conditioning.
  • Use public transportation, take a walk or ride a bicycle.
  • Buy locally produced goods