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Plant life on island Losinj


Basic vegetation zone of the island is Mediterranean (evergreen holm oak, laurel and pine woods) while the north side of island, on the mountain tops and hills of Osorscica, there are plants characteristic for submediterranean climate of Island Cres (oriental hornbeam and oak woods). On the area near St. Peter's in Cres there is an 1.000 years old Oak tree.

At the end of the 19th century large areas of the island were reforested with pine trees thanks to professor Ambroz Haracic, who during his life on the island identified and documented around 1.500 plant types, of which 939 belong to the autochthonous flora (myrtle, sage, laurel), 230 medical herbs (sage, fennel, mint, laurel, oregano, rosmary) and about 80 types of  exotic plants that were brought from other parts of the world by sailors from Losinj (date fruits, agave, aloe, citrus fruits, opuntias, palmtrees, mimosas etc)

Idyllicall landscape, rich with plant and animal species is entirelly surrounded with dry stone walls, built in order to prevent the erosion of the land and separate the olive groves and gardens of various land owners.

The most beautiful period  for rehabilitation or active holidays in Losinj is from March until June, when the air is filled with the  aromatic scents due to richness of flourishing vegetation.

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Losinj herbs

Prevalent herbs of Veli Losinj:


Sage | Salvia OfficinalisSalvia Officinalis – latin meaning derived from the word salver or “to save” tells enough about curative properties of Sage

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