Island cuisine recipes

Losinjski smokvenac


Lošinjski smokvenac1 kg dried figs
20 dkg raisins
1 dl grape brandy
dash of fennel
laurel leafs

Crush dried figs and raisins, add fennel and brandy and stir up. Form a pyramid and cover it with laurel leafs. Serve this dessert with brandy. You can keep it for 3-4 months.

Asparagus salad

For 4 persons:

Šparoge na salatu0, 70 kg asparagus
2 eggs
lemon juice
olive oil

Chop asparagus, cook them tender crisp and let them cool. Slice hardboiled eggs and mix with cooked asparagus. Spice up with salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice.

Mussels ''buzara''

For 4 persons:

Dagnje na buzaru
2 kg fresh mussels
1 dl olive oil
2-3 dl dry white wine
5 garlic cloves
2-3 spoons of bread crumbs
chopped parsley

Clean the mussels with the scrubber. Heat the oil in a shallow pan, put the mussels and cook them until opened. Pour the wine; add bread crumbs, chopped parsley and grinded garlic. Cook aprox 3 minutes, then let it rest for a few minutes. Serve with bread.  Throw away all shells that didn't open.

Fried sardines with Swiss chard

For 4 persons:

Frigane srdelice s blitvom1kg sardines
2 dl oil
flour, salt
1,5 kg Swiss chard
0,5 kg potato
5 garlic cloves
1,5 dl olive oil
lemon slices

Clean the sardines and move the heads. Heat the oil in a shallow pan. Dredge the sardines in the flour and place them in the hot oil to fry. Turn them on the other side. Season the sardines with salt.
Wash the potatoes and cut into squares. Cook the potato and Swiss chard separately. Drain, mix together and savor with olive oil and grinded garlic.   Serve with fried sardines and lemon slices.


Herbs of island Losinj:

When walking and exploring paths of Losinj, seize the opportunity to pick some herbs.

You can use dried and properly sealed spices for cooking throughout the year.

Spice drying

Sušenje začina na zraku
Hang bouquet of fresh herbs upside down, on a dry, shady and ethereally place or put the plants on clean paper or a sheet in ethereally place and periodically tumble.

Never place herbs directly on sunlight because it will tarnish and loose quality.