Chapel of St. Mikul on Osorscica Panoramic view of losinj archipelago Panoramic view of cres and losinj archipelagoPanoramic view of Veli Losinj from St. Ivan

Hiking on Island Losinj

Panoramic view of cres and losinj archipelago

Attractive mountain peaks of Veli Losinj with a breathtaking view of the Cres-Losinj archipelago as well as colorful Mediterranean landscapes have always attracted numerous mountaineers and those who love nature. In nice weather one can see all the way to Istria and Kvarner, the Gorski kotar mountain range and the magnificent Velebit peak.

Nerezine - Pocivalice - Sv. Mikul - Televrina - Sv.Gaudent - Gredice - Mazova Gora - Osor (4,30h)

Those with strong lungs should take a hike from Nerezin across the wood paths through Osorčica all the way to the Sv. Mikul or Terezin peaks, where you will experience a grand view of the Cres-Losinj archipelago, as well as whole swarms of bees. The climb takes about two hours. You can take the same path back or continue hiking across the highest peak of Televrin to the small town of Osor.

Cunski - Pocivalice - Sv. Mikul - Televrina - Sv. Gaudent - Gredice - Mazova Gora - Osor (8h)

Active mountaineers in excellent physical condition can go for a whole-day adventure on the most demanding mountain path of the isle of Losinj – from the hamlet of Cunski to the town of Osor. Get ready for the overgrown stone path to Pocivalice (246m) over Nerezin, a three-hour hike. After taking a breath, continue through a century-old pine forest to the Sv. Mikul peak (558m) where you can take a magnificent view of the surrounding indented coast of Losinj. An easy trek of about 30 minutes will take you from the Sv. Mikul peak to Televrin (589m) where the path starts leading downhill to the Gaudent mountaineer cabin, where after about an hour and a half of walking you can reward yourself with a nice pint of beer, since the last part of the way will take you to the Osor bridge after about an hour and a half.

Veli Losinj (Podjavori region) - Kalvarija - Sv. Ivan
(45 min)

Those who are not in their optimal physical condition can take an easier path that will let them breathe easier from Veli Losinj to Sv. Ivan, the climb won’t be hard even for the lazy ones and takes only 45 minutes, and the only thing that will leave you breathless is the view of Veli Losinj from the top

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Hiking trail Osorscica

  1. Osor
  2. Mazova gora peak(274m)
  3. Gredice peak(338m)
  4. Televrin peak(588m)
  5. Sveti Mikula peak(557m)
  6. Pocivalica peak(247m)
  7. Nerezine

Did you know ?

That the first mountaineer path from Nerezine to Televrin has been laid in 1887 and is 5 km long. In the same year, the successor to the throne Rudolph of Habsburg “conquered” Televrin and diverted public attention to the beauty of Osorscica.