Mediterranean House Gecko

Mediterranean House Gecko Mediterranean House Geckos - trademark of island Losinj

Mediterranean House Gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus) is a small, pinkish white animal with large bumpy tubercles on the skin. House Geckos are skillful animals with sticky toe pads on five figers that allow them to climb walls, and are mostly active by night.

This lizards have no lids and pupils. They change their skin color in accordance with their surroundings, and when they enter the house they become translucent.

As a result of superstition that the geckos are poisonous, humans are their biggest enemies. Nevertheless this is entirely harmless and very usefull animal, while it feeds with mosquitos, spiders and other insects.

Mediterranean House Geckos are protected species in Croatia pursuant to article 44. of Environmental Protection Act (Public newspapers no. 30/94 i 72)

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