Guide with diving locations of cres and losinj archipelago

Diving locations on island Losinj

RoniociWith numerous nearby islands and reefs, interesting sea bed rich with various plant and animal species, and many ancient shipwrecks – Losinj is a paradise for diving lovers.


Krivica Bay - situated on the west coast of Losinj. On southwest side of the Krivica bay there is a complex of rocky cascades between 20 - 40 m of depth.

Zabodaski – small island on the entrance into Mali Losinj bay. There is a vertical 42 m deep underwater wall on the outer part of the island rich with marine life.

Male Srakane – two diving locations. On the south side there is a 40m deep vertical wall with entrance to a small cave with a small gallery on 9th m of deep. On the west side of the island Male Srakane there is 43 m deep vertical wall abundant with sea sponges and Golden Anemone.

Susak – diving location on reef Margarita with 40 m deep wall. Nearby, between 25 i 15 m there are antic remains of roof tiles and in the canyon on 9 m two ancient marble columns.

Unije – below the reef Skoljic, between 35 and 40m of depth you can find shipwrack of Austro Hungarian cargo ship Tihany, sinked on February 12th 1917.

On the east side of reef Misnjak there is a 30 m deep wal, and on the north sidethere are numerous little caves and caverns.

Veli i Mali Osir - islands 21 Nautical miles away of Mali Losinj, on the east side of island nearby town Cunski, This diving location, with 40 m deep wall, is suitable for beginners and experienced divers.

Shipwracks of Island Losinj

Geografsko mjesto Geografske koordinateKulturno dobro
Mali LosinjN=44°31´24´´
Ancient shipwreck with building material cargo
Mali Losinj N=44°42´20´´
Finding site with ancient amphoras
Ilovik N=44°28´22´´
Ancient shipwreck
Osor N=44°41´50´´
Ancient remains of ceramics and building materials
Unije N=44°38´12´´
Ancient shipwreck
Unije N=44°38´12´´
Steamboat "Tihany"
Susak N=44°29´45´´
Ancient shipwreck with building material cargo leftowers
Martinšćica N=44°48´52´´
Ancient shipwreck

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Sea bed type

Shallower parts of Losinj's seabed are rocky, and the cascaded or vertical decline of terrain forms underwater walls. Beaces have slight decline of the terrain and sand marine soil.

Important to know

Guide to the safe practices of sports diving:
  • never dive on your own
  • properly mark your diving location
  • check all equpment befor you dive
  • don't touch marine organisms
  • don't collect underwater souvenirs
  • respect the limits of the diving category you posess
  • if you find explosive devices, don't touch them and emmediately call port authority


Losinjskih kapetana 7
51550 Mali Losinj
phone: 051 231 438
Contact person: Zoran Tomic

Caulerpa Taxifolia

Caulerpa TaxifoliaCaulerpa taxifolia is a green highly invasive seaweed that grows on all types of sea bed. It creates dense habitats and represses other marine organisms from their habitats.For now Losinj was lucky enough to escape Caulerpa's invasion. In case you spot it call free phone 9155 or send an e-mail to immediately.