Sea Fennel

Sea Fennel Crithmum maritmumCrithmum maritmum

English: Rock samphire, Sea Fennel
German: Meerfenchel
Italien: Finochio marino, Erba S. Pietro
Bloom period: April - August

Rock samphire is an edible, bushy wild plant found on the east coast of Adriatic.You can acetify it and serve as a salad throughout the year. It is dedicated to the fisherman saint - St. Peter, because it likes to grow on sea-cliffs.

Island Losinj flora

Acetified Sea Fennel


1/2 kg fresh Fennel leaf
1 dl balsamic vinegar
1l water
1 spoon of salt

Boil fresh Fennel leafes in 1 l of water spiced with vinegar and salt. Place the cooked leafes in a glass bowl, pour spiced water in it and seal tight.