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Climate of island Losinj

Due to its favorable position and warm sea current of the south Mediterranean circulating around its shores, Losinj has mild Mediterranean climate which are characterized by hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. Rainy months are September, November and December while the rest of the season is dry. If we take into consideration abundance of plant species, positive impact of the sea aerosol, average air humidity of 70%, little variations between average minimum and maximum air temperatures and annual insulation of 2563 hours per year, Losinj climate is ideal for treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. Thanks to prof. Ambroz Haračić who opened first weather station in Mali Losinj on august 01st 1880. and linked it with meteorological Institute in Vienna, worldly attention was directed towards beneficial climate of island Losinj. Ministry of Health the Austro-Hungarian monarchy proclaimed Losinj as a climate and health resort in 1892.

Thanks to this researches Hapsburg Archduke Charles Stephen built castle in Podjavori region in 1886. along with cultivated garden filled with various exotic plants.

Due to professor Haracic, large rocky areas of the island Losinj were reforested - dense pine forest became a symbol of the island today and are of immeasurable value.

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Health resort Veli Losinj

Dobri dupin
Podjavori 27
Veli Losinj
Tel: 051/ 236-185

In 1886 Austrian Archduke Charles Stephen Habsburg built the castle in Podjavori region in Veli Losinj. Thanks to the abundance of plant types, high air quality and sea aerosol in 1892. institution and the place were proclaimed as a winter climate and health resort. Within the Resort there is a park surface 140 000 m with trails for walking or jogging. The terrain is of the clayed soil with small stones, grass, and larger or smaller ascents and falls. The total length of the course is around two kilometers.