Bottlenosed Dolphins

Dobri dupin (Tursiops truncatus) Losinj dolphin colony

Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) is very intelligent and social animal and the largest marine mammal in the Adriatic Sea. Losinj archipelago is a habitat of playful colony with more than 150 dolphins.

They have a hydrodynamic body shape and their color varies from dark blue to brownish-gray on their backs, and from light gray to white on their belly. They can reach approximately 3.5 m lenght, and they weight from 150 - 450 kg.

Unlike fishes, dolphins are breathing air and every few minutes they have to appear on the surface to breathe in. The nasal aperture is located on the upper side of the head and is covered with muscles, which allows them to completely close the nostrils during dive.

Their life span is around 50 years, they reach maturity with ten ears, after which the females can have young every 4 to 6 years. Female, after twelve months of pregnancy, gives birth to one cub that remains with his mother for several years.

It is interesting to note that two or more dolphins, during the birth, take the role of "midwife" and help future mother protecting it from sharks attracted by blood. After birth, this whole group pushes calf on the sea surface to breathe the air for the first time.

According to the Regulation on the protection of certain species of mammals (Mammalia) (Official Gazette no. 31 of 9 May 1995. ) dolphins in Croatia are declared as protected wildlife specie.

Losinj fauna

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Dobri dupin - Veli Lošinj

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Code of conduct if you encounter dolphins:

Obavezna udaljenost od dupina1. Don't chase the dolphins or drive your boat directly towards them
If you wish to approach the dolphins, do it very slowly, keeping parallel to their course and avoid sudden changes of direction or speed which could confuse or disorientate them.

2. The motor should be maintained in neutral or switched off.

3. Ensure that no more than one boat is within 100 metres from the dolphins, or three boats within 200 m.

4. Don't stay with the dolphins for more than 30 minutes

5. For your safety and theirs avoid diving or swimming with them, never offer them food or try to touch them.

6. Leave the area accelerating gradually when the boat is more than 100m from the animals

7. Don't throw litter overboard or leave it on the beach; plastic bags can accidentally be swallowed by the dolphins, causing their death.