Hotela Punta beach Veli Losinj

plaža hotela Punta

the rocky beach with its terraces for sunbathing and easy access to the sea has been proudly flying the “Blue flag” for years as international recognition for nature preservation. Showers, renting of deck chairs, parasols and bicycles, a beach bar and various other content are all available; water-ski and wakeboard schools, canoe renting, sea-tube and sea-banana rides and a scuba-diving club with organized scuba classes are all available.

Working hours are from 10 am to 7 pm throughout the week.

Timy beach Veli Losinj

Timy beach

The city beach just below the graveyard was built at the same time as the first hotel in Losinj by Joseph Rudy in 1887. The concrete-covered beach with nice access to sea, showers, toilets and a beach bar where you can rent deck chairs, parasols and kayaks.

Rovenska beach Veli Losinj

Plaža Rovenska

a gravel beach near the harbor-wall in the Rovenska bay is intended for all ages and is one of the favorites for families with children due to its nice access to the sea and deep shades of the nearby pine forest. The beach sports toilets, a beach bar, restaurant and water-polo court open during the season.

Javorna lagoon

Uvala Javorna

The winding way to Javorna lagoon, about 20 minutes away from Rovenska beach, goes through a thick pine forest and around several smaller lagoons

Kriska lagoon

Uvala Kriška

About 30 minutes southwards from the centre of Veli Losinj, there are two paths to Kriska – the longer path leads over the winding “lungomare” path following the coastline while the shorter path leads over the Sv. Nikola hill and down through olive fields to the Kriska lagoon with its gravel beach and its 20 meter jetty. This lagoon also offers the best protection from “bura” winds on this side of the island.

Krivica lagoon

Uvala Krivica

Krivica is a narrow lagoon on the south of Losinj isle, covered in pine trees and facing west. Due to its position and form it is the perfect harbor in case of bad weather. You will need to walk about an hour and a half from the centre of Veli Losinj climbing over Sv. Ivan and then going down to the lagoon itself. Rocky cascades with a wealth of sea flora and fauna are expecting you. Diving is possible for all categories of divers. 

Balvanida lagoon

Uvala Balvanida

A lonely lagoon on the west side of the island, one of the favorite anchor places in the Losinj aquatorium offering good protection from all kinds of winds. Take a hike or a ride to the Sv. Ivan peak on the Kalvarija hill from where you have a 30-minute downhill hike to the west coast. A small lagoon is ready to host visitors, including a restaurant with various gourmand sea specialties.

Green tourismResponsible tourism

Untouched nature of the island of Losinj, provides rich and diverse flora and fauna.
We support the development of eco-tourism as well as socially and environmentally responsible travel!

  • Respect cultural differences - to make your trip more meaningfull, learn more about the local community - their traditions, historical and cultural heritage
  • Learn to appreciate the wildlife, landscape and natural heritage
  • Do not leave a trace, except for foot prints! Do not throw garbage into the sea, do not leave it in the woods and do not paint graffiti or take souvenirs from historic sites
  • Recycle– separate glass, plastics, paper and aluminum
  • Preserve energy - Remember to turn off lights and electrical appliances when not in use. Make sure the door are properly closed when heating or air conditioning.
  • Use public transportation, take a walk or ride a bicycle.
  • Buy locally produced goods