Veli Losinj Veli Losinj panoramic view Veli Losinj, Punta Veli Losinj

Welcome to Veli Losinj!

Welcome to Veli Losinj , picturesque city with 970 inhabitants and second biggest settlement, sited on the south-east part of island Losinj, on the foothill of mountain St. Ivan (Kalvarija).

Well indented coast with numerous islands and cliffs, beautiful landscape covered with various aromatic herbs, 180 km of footpaths that pass through centurial pinewood and hidden bays, picturesque architecture and numerous taverns and restaurants with home made food won't leave you disinterested.

If you are restless and passionate walker that adores nature or you are looking for an active rest far away from city noise and turbulence, Veli Losinj is an ideal destination for you! But be aware - legend says that he, who drinks glass of water from Vransko Lake, always comes back to the island! Don't say we didn't warn you! :)

And don't be misled by his name, that was mentioned for the first time in 13th century – in the past Velo Selo was bigger settlement than Malo Selo, but thanks to his favorable position and burst in seamanship, Mali Losinj outgrow Veli ages ago

Veli Losinj harbour Veli Losinj, Cape Leva - FeralVeli Losinj, port RovenskaVeli Losinj

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